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Length (m) 10 m
Width (cm) 68,5 cm
Repeat (cm) 68,5 cm

Product details

This Mulberry Home Bohemian Travels wallpaper is a unique wallpaper on which different maps are combined. For example, we see a beautiful map of the Middle East and India made around 1700, and a map of the Roman Empire made in the seventeenth century. A beautiful piece of history with the original Latin names and figures. This card is made of ecru and silver, with a somewhat gray complexion.

In the past maps were mainly intended for nautical purposes, but for the wealthy upper class it was sometimes also possible to have an atlas at home. Atlases were very expensive to make and therefore loved as a showpiece for the study. Owning an atlas was seen as the pinnacle of cosmopolitan citizenship, indicating that residents knew how the world worked. Today, maps are still a popular addition to any travel enthusiast's interior.

Mulberry Bohemian Travels is an unique wallcovering that combines multiple classical maps made by European Carthographers. On the wallpaper there is a 17th-century map of the Roman Empire, as well as a map of the Middle East and India. All are printed with the original Latin names and illustrations. A perfect wallpaper for anyone who loves exploring the world.

Design name: Mulberry Home Bohemian Travels wallpaper
Color: silver, gray, ecru
Track width / width : 68.5 cm
Runway length / roll length: 10 m
Pattern repeat / pattern repeat: 68.5 cm, half-drop
Material: non- woven wallpaper
Adhesive recommendation: gluing wall of ready-made wallpaper paste suitable for non-woven wallpaper