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‘Monochrome’, presents six nuanced pairs of black and white shades, tonally formulated to be used together in chic, subtly harmonious relationships.

Each white tone has been carefully selected for its versatility: all six whites can be used as striking, independent, all-over shades, but appear equally effectively as beautiful, plain whites within a scheme of tonal similarity.

Each black tone has been judiciously designed to be used with its monochromatic partner, in lesser or greater proportion, to dramatically change the interplay of light and space in a room, while at the same time effortlessly coordinating with existing materials and surfaces in the interior scheme.

Each white and black pair adopts the hue of a Paint & Paper Library ‘Original’ colour, thus presenting six options of varying undertone, including ochre, pink, warm grey, cool grey, blue and green.

Capuchin and Charbone originate on the ochre tones of Thames MudEau de Violette and Pontefract adopt the hue of Rouge II Minim and Kohl carry the warmth of OpusFlat Light and Beyond Blue are based on Blue VeinRaw Chalk and Ilex contain the natural aqua-green undertone of Sobek. Finally Clean White and New Black incorporate the depth of the classic, cool grey, Tallanstown Grey.