Anna French wallpapers

The Anna French wallpaper brand was formed by Anna in 1976 and in the early days only produced Scottish Lace, which is still sold nowadays across the globe. Her association with the US brand of Thibaut wallcoverings has meant the geometric designs she produced at Art School in the 1960's have been allowed to continue to evolve into more varied stunning wallpapers that feature in collections such as Glamour, Seraphina and Zola. 

Thibaut supports Anna in her designs but does not take away her creativity. The partnership has allowed them to develop the portfolio of collections with the latest being Serenade and Small Scale collections. While the nature inspired range of her Watermark Wallpapers launched in AW2016, has been successfully followed with a range of designs called Palampore named after the lustrous Indian painted fabric panels and is being well received within the world of interior design.