Anthology wallpapers

The latest Anthology wallpaper range 06 is inspired by industrial spaces, fabricated walls and the trend for polished natural and man-made surfaces and completes the ranges of Anthology wallpapers online in 2019. The brand was launched back in 2014 by Harlequin, and they are essentially known for textured wallcoverings for home interiors and in particular the luxury wallpaper market. The popularity in the use of textured wallcoverings for home interiors has seen an increase in over recent years and as new technologies develop within wallpaper manufacturing the Harlequin Anthology wallpaper ranges capture that along with other such trends, or fads, such as mixing metallics. Be sure to view all the collections as 01 is a vinyl textured wallpaper collection that has stunning papers inspired by exotic yet naturally-occurring textures such as coral and grass. While 02 comprises of a selection of urban-inspired designs and glamorous textures, a combination of structural motifs with subtle organic undertones. The third in the series 03, encompasses elements of utilitarianism, distressed wood, deconstructed metals, rust and oxidised patinas, in order to fuse luxurious, alluring design with a raw urban feel. 04 is inspired by the concept of construction and deconstruction of woven fabrics, gains inspiration from the minute detailing in the structure of paper, thread and pleats. Definition saw a break in the numbers and a collection that has been inspired by geology and crystals, injecting intensity and colour to create these powerful and alluring designs. Then Anthology 05 came back in numerical order with a ground-breaking range of papers, inspired by pleats, folding, form and structure. Now in 2019 06 completes the compendium. Anthology wallcoverings have accomplished a lot in a short space of time, creating a diverse range and spectrum of textured wallcoverings for the style conscious.