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The Eclipse Black & White edition from Arte Wallpaper has exquisite three-dimensional textile wallcoverings on non-woven backing. A follow on from their popular and colourful Enigma collection except this time it follows the monochrome interior look. The technique that Arte wallcoverings mastered is thermoforming, which is where motifs are pressed into fabric using heat which results in a three dimensional pattern. The resulting pattern and wallcovering is both thick and warm, and also provides acoustical insulation properties within a room. The Black and White theme while we say it is a trend, it will never go out of fashion, and like this collection will no doubt last the test of time. A few of these designs have been lifted from their previous Intrigue collection, and produced simply in black and white. 

Rosace a pattern of geometric triangles that represent the shapes of origami. Also featured in the Intrigue collection in different colours. Caisson a design based upon a classic French panelled door, available in black and white. Available in different colours from the Intrigue collection. Feuillage a wallpaper design based upon nature with a lucid arrangement of leaf motifs. Also found in different colour ways in the intrigue collection. Flex features a combination of geometric shapes that produce the end result of beautiful but visually challenging pattern. Charm a classic elegant damask wallpaper motif pattern produced using modern techniques. Select a fun tile design that has depth and interest plus acoustic properties.