Arte Enigma wallpaper

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Arte Enigma wallpaper 

The Arte Enigma wallpaper collection has three different patterns and three types of fabric: a matt fabric, a satin gloss fabric and a suede-look fabric. Each of the patterns in the book has its own colours.

Arte Flex wallpaper
The first design of their , consists of angular, geometric blocks. At a distance, the blocks become smaller forming a rigid and hilly décor. The relief is more apparent thanks to the subtly shiny fabric. Flex is available in a daring yellow, in dark gold, titanium grey and dark blue.

Arte Charm wallpaper
Charm is a more traditional pattern, but just as daring. A damask motif is pressed into the fabric with the same creativity and care. This pattern is rather large, but no details were missed. The elegant lines are very attractive. Charm comes in five colours: taupe, dark brown, royal blue, fuchsia and grey.

Arte Select wallpaper
Select is probably the most clear-cut example of three-dimensionality. You see a pattern that seems to stick out of the wall like real tiles. The covered wall is not flat because tiles jump out here and there. It is playful but with a definite rhythm. The last surprise is the choice of material. For the Select wallpaper they chose a fabric with a suede look. This material provides intriguing nuances in colour intensity. Select is available in six warm, natural colours: ecru, rust, brown, golden green, light grey and a dark aubergine tint.