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Harlequin Entity Wallpapers is an urban modernist collection inspired by Architectural Fashion. Entity takes the trend and transforms natural silhouettes by exploring the interplay of light and shadow with the repetition and organisation of pattern. This geometric range boasts exaggerated outlines, engineered layers and an emphasis on shape and form, resulting in a polished industrial aesthetic with a soft edge. Entity Wallpapers comprises nine designs, some mirror the Entity Fabric designs, whilst others explore 3-D effects, the interplay of metallic against matt, triangles against squares, concrete effects and a magnificent digitally printed panel. Their Vertices Wallpaper with its shard-like, overlapping shapes reminiscent of fragments of glass, with subtle hints of scratched out metallic layering resembling degraded concrete really emphasizes the urban feel of the collection. As does the digital print of the Geodesic Wallpaper featuring irregular triangles which are embodied by a combination of angular, definite shapes-within-shapes.