Harlequin What a Hoot

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What a Hoot wallpapers are brimming with joy and bursting with happiness, What a Hoot embraces every childs dream. The title and a prominent pattern from the collection is the Harlequin What a Hoot Wallpaper which features endearing owls along with their woodland companions. So, if you are looking for childrens wallpaper, then this fun-filled collection of inspiring wallpapers is guaranteed to wow children of all ages and of course with the complementary fabric range adds further to their enjoyment. An attractive design from the range is the Harlequin Rush Wallpaper which has a modern barcode stripe in a dazzling colour palette. Another leading pattern from this range is the Harlequin go go retro Wallpaper which is a cleverly drawn collaboration of cars, scooters and camper vans. One last favoured pattern from the range is their Harlequin Brighton Wallpaper is a simplistic interpretation of Brightons regency townhouses which have been hand-drawn with an endearing naïve quality.