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Ett Hem is a collection of wallpaper reminiscent of early summer. The collection consists of lively but soothing wallpaper, for a cozy and homely feeling with a delicate balance. Ett Hem is Swedish for “A Home” and the harmonious interplay of patterns and subtle shades is characteristic of our heritage. View the collection below and discover new designs and renewed color palettes of our beloved Rosenholm and Edvin wallpaper. “The sun shines through the high windows and heats the polished wooden floor under my bare feet. I know exactly how to walk on my toes without the floor creaking. I don't want to wake anyone up until the bread is baked and smells like freshly brewed coffee. Imagine all the mornings that started here. Generations wake up here to slowly walk through the rooms. To feel the day. Little ones are jumping around and giggling, chasing each other, just like mine will do today. Friends come together to eat, tasty over-meals fill us with joy. The first spring flowers are in small vases, secrets are whispered behind the sofa. Everything that was and will be, endless days in beautiful rooms. That brings our house to life. ”