Coordonné Minerva Swan - A00304

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Length (m) 1 m
Width (cm) 100 cm
Repeat (cm) nvt

Product details

The special Spanish Coordonne wallpaper is industrial and vintage and has its own character.

Originating in Greek mythology, the story of Arachne has been told for centuries, from Ovid's literature to the present day. Such was her skill and mastery in spinning and weaving that one day she challenged the goddess Minerva to a contest to test her skills. Arachne won, but defying the gods has its consequences, and eventually Minerva turned her into a spider, forcing her to weave forever.

This collection introduces two exclusive and unique new wallpaper qualities: Silk (Asian yarn) and Linen (Italian yarn).

Collection: Aracne Silk & Linen
Material: Linen of silk on non-woven wallpaper
Recommended glue: Glue like the Arte Clearpro
Application and maintenance: Carefully read the instructions on the wrapper. If in doubt, we are happy to help you.

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NB: Price of this wallpaper is per m2, with a minimum purchase of 5 m2. Email [email protected] with the dimensions of your wall and we will send you a quote. This wallpaper is custom made for you and therefore cannot be returned.