Coordonnné Crowned Crane Nacre - B00164

Article code B00164
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Length (m) 1 m
Width (cm) 100 cm
Repeat (cm) nvt

Product details

The special Spanish Coordonne wallpaper is industrial and vintage and has its own character.

Coordonné's Forbidden City collection represents a tribute to the great beauty that endures to this day: the physical and spiritual heart of Chinese civilization.

: Forbidden City
Material: Non-woven of vinyl
Recommended glue: Glue like the Arte Clearpro
Application and maintenance: Carefully read the instructions on the wrapper. If in doubt, we are happy to help you.

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NB: Price of this wallpaper is per m2. Minimum order quantity is 5 m2. Mail to [email protected] the dimensions of your wall and we will send you a quotation. This wallpaper is custom made for you and can therefore not be returned.