Villa Dalarö

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Villa Dalarö is a light, airy collection filled with a summery atmosphere. Shades with color schemes in light gray, green and blue let you mix and match completely freely and will fit into any room of your home. The matte finish captures the light beautifully and transforms the room into a peaceful retreat. Imagine; The cat sneaks around in the garden, finally in his element after a few lazy months indoors. The gulls swirl. The sound of summer is there. The warmly smiling children who enjoy their first steps in the green summer grass. After dinner in the garden, we want to stay outside a little longer and that's why we wrap ourselves in blankets to keep warm. When it's time to go in, we can still hear the blackbird singing in the beautiful summer sky. We follow the blossoming vineyards from the wallpaper to the cool bedroom, where we crawl under the clean sheets.