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Anna French Palampore Wallpapers is the latest collection in 2018. These sophisticated designer wallpapers are named after the lustrous Indian painted fabric panels. The love affair with these decorated cloths became a European sensation in the 17th century as the vivid dying techniques were highly sought after and cotton was considered a luxury fabric and for bedcovers. Palampore combines exotic Indienne-inspired and indigenous designs in a coordinated collection of fabrics and wallcoverings. These wallpapers feature various patterns within that include tree of life elements influenced by traditional palampore textiles aswell as Jacobean flowers seen on the Kalamkari Vine, unique leaf designs show on Palampore Leaf and interesting paisley motifs featured on La Provence. A collection of fourteen designs in various colourways it also includes decorative small-scale designs and printed paper weaves, as well as a playful tiger in the form of Kahna, tribal and batik prints, that all naturally complement the fabrics