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Cole & Son stands for classic English wallpaper with a contemporary twist. The special prints and rich colors give every room a unique look.

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Mesmerizing, intriguing and unique. Cole and son wallpapers surprise us every new season with a new collection of beautiful wall decor. It is not just a matter of adding some new colors or design on your wall, but it completely transforms a space. The geometric designs, creative patterns and historic symbols make this wallpaper brand a one-of-a-kind. Get inspired by the interesting contrasts used in the wallpapers. A contrast in color, pattern, material and look & feel. The brand is known for its typical English type of wallpaper design like the “Hummingbirds” and “Dorset”. But also “The Wood” collection represents the true premier class of Cole and Son.

Classic English Cole and Son wallpaper with a modern twist

The English label was founded in the 19th century. Since 1875 it has been designing, creating and selling wallpapers and other home decoration products. Its continuous success shows that the brand is able to create both timeless pieces and at the same time be adaptable to modern trends. You can recognize this powerful combination in all of its collections. Cole and son wallpapers are visually strong and the Cole and Son team mastered the art of creating illusions on a wall. Take for example the Geometric series.

Long tradition

Cole and son wallpapers were born in a time period where wallpapers became an increasingly important part of home decoration. The brand was founded in the North of London, in Islington. The company scaled up quit fast thanks to the surrounding area which was full of factories and carpenters. In the past century Cole and son has created several exclusive wallpaper collections for wealthy families, palaces and villas in England and worldwide. The high-end label also designed wallpapers for the Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament and the White House.

Cole and son wallpapers

The wallpapers represent character and authenticity. One of its main inspiration sources for new design, is their own archief full of illustrations and books. The production process is remarkable and is one of the reason why this brand is so timelessly successful. They use almost all traditional techniques and methods and still use a significant amount of manual craftsmanship. Cole and son wallpapers are all inspired by stories, designed for timeless beauty and made for everyone that wants to transform their space.