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Harlequin wallpapers offer customers an impressive spectrum of products with their flamboyant contemporary wallpaper collections designed to work alongside their fabric ranges. Harlequin were originally founded as a wallpaper company, and they have continued to embraced its heritage by producing breathtaking designer wallcoverings in an all-encompassing selection of designs and textures. A master of the flamboyant statement wallpaper, they also specialize in imaginative finishes, visionary techniques and mouthwatering colours which are guaranteed to make your walls a work of art in their own right!

The Harlequin Momentum Wallpaper series continues the momentum with volumes one to five now available. Other recent collections follow the Architectural Fashion trend with their Entity Wallpapers collection launched in AW17 which takes the trend and transforms natural silhouettes by exploring the interplay of light and shadow with the repetition and organisation of pattern, and is dominated mainly by geometric designs. With seven designs inspired by graceful natural forms and the angularity of architecture, Paloma from Harlequin effortlessly combines captivating metallics with delicate contemporary prints.The Harlequin Zapara Wallpaper collection launched in 2018 is inspired by the lush tropical landscapes surrounding the Ecuadorian and Peruvian boarders. While Momentum 5 Wallpapers continues the series and brings the boutique appeal to any space, Momentum 5 from Harlequin is a sophisticated collection of eight iconic wallpaper designs in fashion led colours. Now in 2019 textured wallpapers that were perhaps reserved for their upmarket Anthology range now becomes an option with the Harlequin Textured Walls introducing 51 wide-width vinyl wallcoverings across eight designs, each with different embosses and textures to create your statement or feature wallcovering in your home interior. Harlequin in 2019 launches Salinas, a stunning collection of nine wallpapers, that adds to their wallcovering library, with each design inspired by the Art Deco interior design theme.