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  • Beschrijving
  • Het eigentijdse en luxe behang van Arte bevat bijzondere texturen en designs, en is daarnaast van uitstekende kwaliteit.


Lengte (m) 10.05 m
Breedte (cm) 70 cm
Patroon (cm) 69 cm


ARTE Facet wallpaper features a surprising pattern with irregular polygons. An illusion of relief that can be perfectly integrated into any interior. The pattern appealed to the imagination so much that it became the basis of a whole new collection. A few years ago ARTE launched Facet, now in 5 new colours.

ARTE brings walls to life with the Focus collection. Impossible, do you think? The relief patterns, dynamic geometric figures and playful light reflections make it possible. The intriguing wall decorations were also given trompe-l'oeils and illusions that seem straight out of the geometry lesson.

The Focus collection contains seven designs: four faux unis and three multicolored patterns. The common thread in the collection is the relief print, which gives each pattern a dose of spectacle. The areas with relief lines are printed in different directions. In combination with the incidence of light, this results in a spectacular and dynamic whole. Each design is made of non-woven wallpaper with a slightly glossy vinyl top layer, a combination that makes the relief effect of the patterns shine optimally.

Faceted wallpaper ARTE is available in 9 colours. Which variant best suits your interior?

Because we often get this question: The ARTE Facet 75301 is the color of the wallpaper that De Huismuts (@dehuismuts) has in its interior. Recommended by us, The Most Beautiful Walls!

Collection: Focus
Material: Vinyl on paper
Recommended glue: Glue like Arte Clearpro
Application: Carefully read the instructions on the package. When in doubt, we are happy to help you.

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